Farewell to Fiction

Farewell to Fiction
Jäähyväiset fiktiolle

A collective painting, 2011–2012.
Acrylic on canvas, 300 x 600 cm (triptych, each panel 300 x 200 cm).


Teemu Mäki
/ Perkele Collective
Helsinki Student Theatre (Helsingin ylioppilasteatteri).

To see a more detailed reproduction of the work click THIS.

Originally made for Akse Petterson's play, Farewell to Fiction / Jäähyväiset fiktiolle,
the triptych was painted by the actors of the theater in a workshop I directed
for them with a few art students of mine.

The triptych was used as a visualization and as a prop in the play.
Afterwards I did post-production on the panels in the autumn of 2011
and winter of 2011–2012, not adding any major elements,
just fine-tuning the details and lines and enriching the color scheme.

This was a collaboration between Helsingin ylioppilasteatteri and Aalto University's Department of Art.


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