Exhibition views of collective paintings by Teemu Mäki & Perkele Collective

Collective paintings we've made have been shown in numerous group shows. I've also often included a few of them in my own exhibitions – stretching the term 'solo show' a bit:)

The exhibition views here are from Kemi City Art Museum (Finland), RSProjects Gallery (Berlin, Germany), Museum of Non-Conformist Art (St. Petersburg, Russia), Dakar Biennale 2012 (Dakar, Senegal), Vantaa City Art Museum (Finland) and Gallery Jangva (Helsinki, Finland).

You'll find more exhibition shots on pages that focus on individual works. To look at those, return first to the Collective Painting Main Page.

  coll-exhib-overview-kemi-city-art-museum-6cmw-IMG_0044.jpg  coll-exhib-overview-kemi-city-art-museum-6cmw-IMG_0053.jpg  coll-exhib-overview-kemi-city-art-museum-6cmw-IMG_0035.jpg  coll-antidote-7-overview-1-6cmw_MG_5029.jpg


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Teemu Mäki