a play by Pauliina Hulkko

PERFORMERS - Jussi Lehtonen, Teemu Mäki, Sanna Salmenkallio
LIGHTING DESIGN - Juho Rahijärvi
SOUND DESIGN - Pauliina Hulkko,  Timo Muurinen, Sanna Salmenkallio
PRODUCER - Harald Olausen

(original press release by Kiasma Theater, 2003:)

AMORALIA is a performance consisting of powerful non-verbal theatrical situations, more conventional scenes acted in extremely stylised manner, music both song and played with a violin, sounds made by the three performers, and light used in various ways.

AMORALIA brings together actors, religious texts, ice hockey, popular songs, polka and empty theatre space. This performance tries to go behind clichés and pathologies of love and loving. It searches stories of mother myth and transcendental love, intends to find new images of them. Texts used in AMORALIA vary from Mawlana Rumi's poetry (d.1273) to Finnish popular legends of Jesus and the Holy Mother, and texts written by Pauliina Hulkko, director of the performance. AMORALIA speaks in Finnish, Farsi, Swedish, French, Arabic, Spanish, and English.

"My goal as a director is to find theatrical forms to themes such as faith and religion. I treat them both as expression of love", says the director. AMORALIA also induces guilt and the necessity of sacrifice it creates in our Western culture."

Pauliina Hulkko engaged her ensemble of artists from different fields of art: Jussi Lehtonen is – without doubt – the most celebrated actor of the young generation, playing at the moment in the Finnish National Theatre, Teemu Mäki is a well-known painter whose previous works vary from paintings to videos and performances, AMORALIA being his first step to the actual theatre stage. Sanna Salmenkallio is an extremely versatile artist. She started as classical violinist, but has extended her repertoire to composing and different genres of performing arts. Juho Rahijärvi is a gifted light designer who, despite his young age, has already been working a long time within theatre and dance. AMORALIA is his third production made together with Pauliina Hulkko.

"This performance developed from close interaction between me and the group. For me the performer is a storyteller, a world creator, an image of man, a stand-in for the spectator."  

AMORALIA had its premiere on January 29th 2003 at the Kiasma Theatre, located in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki. The performance received a wide audience and excellent critics from both Finnish and Swedish speaking press.



(press photos ⒸPirje Mykkänen/KKA)


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