Life in Full (Fast Food, Fast Life, No Life vs. Life in Full)

A collective painting by the Perkele Collective. Painters: 
Teemu Mäki & Juho Hellsten, Juha Liede and Kristina Sedlerova.

Oil & alkyd on wood, a triptych, 244 x 366 cm, originally made for the Todellisuudentaju 2009 / TAJU09 -exhibition in Hyvinkää (Finland) in April–May 2009.

For the duration of the show the work replaced a regular billboard ad in the center of Hyvinkää city, facing the railway station. Because of that we used visually super-clear language that would be decipherable
from afar.


Collective painting

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A collaboration between Hyvinkää City Art Museum, Hyvinkää Artists' Association and Aalto University's Department of Art.