14. version, 20. August 1999.

1. A death follows another death.
Christmas never comes. The presents have already been given.
Everything you can own is inside your skull.

2. Know your enemy from your friends. You don’t need any thing that you don’t already have.
You are not dying of hunger so how meaningful your life is to you depends not on what you do but on what you think.
3. I don’t believe in the existence of good and evil.
Moral codes in any society are the product of culture and always become tools for the society’s power-elite,
usually the rich, maintaining the status quo. The common good only occasionally exists.
Everybody is a beefsteak to somebody else. To live is to give birth, to live is to kill,
and sometimes, simultaneously, it is something else too.
 We are separate, discontinuous beings: your good can be my evil and vice versa.
Harmony does not exist: existence consists of incompatible opposites that often attract.

4. Families exist because alone one is deaf, and the deaf can’t sing, and if you don’t sing, you can’t feel.
Through brotherhood you can recognize yourself in a few  others and thus see more of yourself, feel more existent.

5. I don’t believe that there is happiness.
In the machinery of nature pain is the prime motivator behind all and nothing can be outside nature.
To sentient beings to be is to be in pain. I believe that life consists of pain and relief.
Only when both the pain, and the relief we feel when the pain occasionally for a moment ceases, exist,
and are of suitable size and in bearable balance, it is possible to find one’s life worth living.
The pain is the stone dick of void and all you can do is become a willing pussy  -  it’ll fuck you anyway.

6. For an atheist, humor can be an indispensable way to become god. Ridiculousness is our privilege.

7. Only mortality gives us the possibility to project personal purpose and meaning onto our lives in a meaningless world.

8. I do not know anything except that I am born, will sometime die, and
am not able to be silent. By speaking, by drawing, by singing, by organizing reality in my thoughts,
I represent my existence, teach myself to like what otherwise just is.
By representing reality, I strengthen my own experience of existence.
The less, for example, vitality arising from physical danger there is in my life, luckily,
the more important is the strengthening of the experience of existence through representation.

9. Life  =  death at work.


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